Ideh Engineering Company, after gaining a brilliant record in the field of industrial automation, electricity, control, and Instrumentation in 2007, entered the field of mechanics, facilities, roads, oil and gas facilities via implementing overseas oil projects in Kuwait and by executing various projects, including developing oil fields, implementation of pipelines and Revamp of the North Kuwait desalination unit, well equipment and facilities, manifolds and also has made a name for itself within well-known and committed companies by implementation of 72 MW EPC substations in Ro’zateyn and Saberiyeh regions.
Acquiring grade 1 in oil and gas in oil and gas refineries, pipelines, tanks and pump houses orientation, and grade 2 in Industry and Mining in industrial automation orientation has provided Ideh Engineering Co. with accomplishing engineering services, procurement of goods and equipment, installation, setting up, repairs, maintenance and also presenting execution of construction operations via EPC contracts in oil, gas, petrochemical, steel, mining, cement and copper industries.
Ideh’s process, mechanical and facilities’ design and engineering departments with the help of its educated and experienced experts and foreign companies has provided the possibility for designing, manufacturing, installation and setting up, repair and maintenance (Preventive Maintenance & Operation) of mechanical systems and facilities for country in the oil and refinery industries, Feller gas collection (FGR), petrochemical, pipeline and multi-way line, manifold, drilling and in-well equipment, wellhead facilities and construction and installation of tanks as well as expanding its activities in Kuwait.